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The One With The Proposal - Part 2
Season 6, Episode 25
Air date 18 May 2000
Written by Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
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The episode began with Richard saying he still loves Monica. As part of the plan, Chandler talks about how he hates marriage and can't see why anyone should get married. She later then goes to meet Richard - she describes his apartment as "an adult's apartment." When she leaves, Chandler comes and asks for Monica - he starts off by saying that Richard is a very bad man and he had his chances but he blew them. He also says that he and Monica are meant to be together and now Richard has blown Chandler's chances. Richard advises Chandler to go to Monica, warning that if he succeeds in winning her back, he must never let her go. Chandler hurries back to his apartment, still looking for Monica.

When he gets there, Joey meets him in the hall, claiming Monica has left to do some thinking. When Chandler enters their apartment, he discovers that it is far from being abandoned, there are candles lit all over and Monica is kneeling to propose. In the midst of proposing to Chandler, she cries from sheer emotion, saying, "There's a reason why girls don't do this!" Instead, Chandler gets on his knees and proposes to her. Monica agrees and they open the door to Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe, who have been waiting to celebrate. At first, they hesitate, feeling Ross should be there to share the moment, then decide that after three marriages, Ross can afford to miss one engagement celebration. End credits play while Monica and Chandler dance to Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight."

[edit] Production[]

According to the producers' DVD commentary for this episode, the original plot for Ross was to have Elizabeth announce that she was pregnant, ultimately resolving at the end of the following season when it would be revealed that Ross was not the father of the baby. This idea was ultimately rejected by the producers since it would be investing a lot of time in a secondary character without a payoff. It would have also have been difficult to use the cliffhanger for Rachel's pregnancy.[6]

The producers decided to end the episode on a romantic moment rather than the usual joke. They also took care over the script before approaching Selleck to return as Richard, as the actor would only return if it seemed feasible.[6]

The episode very nearly served as the series finale, given that NBC and Warner Bros. were in negotiations over the show's future up until four days before the episode aired. The series' stars demanded $750,000 salary for each actor per episode and agreed to a contract for two additional seasons, an agreement that later stretched into a further two seasons at $1 million salary for each of the stars.[7]

[edit] Awards and nominations[]

  • Nominated, Best Editing in a Multicamera Series[8]