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The One With The Birth Mother
Season 10, Episode 9
Air date 8 January 2004
Written by Scott Silveri
Directed by David Schwimmer
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Monica and Chandler fly to Ohio to meet the birth mother, Erica (Anna Faris) of their prospective child. It becomes clear very quickly their files have been mixed up since Erica thinks Chandler is a doctor and Monica is a minister. They go along with the lie but Chandler feels guilty. He soon convinces Monica to come clean which causes Erica to reject them. Chandler catches up to Erica and convinces her to still consider them. He tells her about their jobs and how much Monica wants this child and he feels horrible that he cannot give his wife this one thing. Erica decides they are the right couple and decides they can adopt her baby. Meanwhile, Joey is set up with one of Phoebe's friends but has problems on the date when she keeps eating off of his plate. Rachel and Phoebe take Ross shopping for clothes but Rachel and Ross's bags get switched. Ross goes on a date wearing Rachel's shirt but decides it is incredibly comfortable anyway.