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The One With Ross's Grant
Season 10, Episode 6
Air date 6 November 2003
Written by Sebastian Jones
Directed by Ben Weiss
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Ross applies for a paleontology grant - and finds out Charlie's ex-boyfriend - Benjamin Hobart (Greg Kinnear) reviews the applications. Ross and Charlie have dinner with him and it becomes obvious, Ben still has feelings for her. During the interview, Benjamin sabotages Ross's application by not asking him any paleontological questions. Ross is upset so he informs Charlie and Charlie doesn't believe him. Ben confesses his feelings to Charlie and his ploy to get her back. Charlie reveals she still has feelings for Ben and breaks up with Ross. Phoebe is getting rid of things so Mike can move in but is sad to part with her artwork, Gladys. Monica pretends to like it but secretly hates it. Phoebe gives it to her but Monica and Rachel fight over who should have it since Phoebe thinks they both want it. She makes another artwork Glinys which Monica keeps while Rachel keeps Gladys. Joey wants Chandler to get him a job in a commercial Chandler is working on but Chandler doesn't think he's right for the part. Chandler lies to Joey but Joey catches him in the lie. Chandler makes it up to Joey by wearing blue lipstick from the Japanese commercial Joey did.