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The One With Joey's Big Break
Season 5, Episode 22
Air date 13 May 1999
Written by Story: Shana Goldberg-Meehan

Teleplay: Wil Calhoun

Directed by Gary Halvorson
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Joey gets the lead in a movie and has to travel to Las Vegas to film. Upon learning Joey won't actually be paid unless the film is successful, Chandler doubts this is Joey's big break but agrees to drive him to Vegas. On the trip, Chandler tells Joey what he thinks about the film and an upset Joey forces Chandler to get out and drives himself. Reaching the set, Joey is dismayed to learn that filming is suspended due to financial difficulties. When Chandler phones to make amends, Joey pretends everything is fine but has actually been forced to take a job as a casino gladiator to make ends meet. Phoebe is mad at Ross, but can't remember why. Rachel has to see the eye doctor but doesn't want to.