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The One Where Ross Is Fine
Season 10, Episode 2
Air date 2 October 2003
Written by Sherry Bilsing-Graham & Ellen Plummer
Directed by Ben Weiss
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Monica and Chandler are having a lot of trouble figuring out the adoption process so Phoebe sends them to a friends of hers who have adopted. Monica and Chandler meet them and Monica instantly gets along with the woman. Chandler accidentally tells the child that he is adopted. He then pays the child to not tell his parents but of course, he tells. Rachel and Joey think Ross might have problems with their new relationship but he assures him he's fine. Ross invites Rachel and Joey on a double-date with him and Charlie. They agree but Ross gets drunk at the awkward date. Joey stays with Ross overnight to make sure he's okay and they talk. Ross realizes that he has been apart from Rachel for so long that he shouldn't stop Joey and Rachel's relationship. He does give Joey his blessing even though it still hurts him because they should see where the relationship is going. Phoebe hangs out with Frank Jr. (Giovanni Ribisi) and the triplets. The kids are driving Frank Jr. crazy and he offers Phoebe one of them. He comes to the realization that he could not possibly give up any of the children so Phoebe offers to babysit them so Frank Jr. and Alice will have the day off. Chandler awkwardly tells the triplets that Phoebe gave birth to them.