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The One In Massapequa
Season 8, Episode 18
Air date 28 March 2002
Written by Story: Peter Tibbals

Teleplay: Mark Kunerth

Directed by Gary Halvorson
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Monica writes a speech for her parents' 35th wedding anniversary. Phoebe dates Parker (Alec Baldwin), an unconfirmed but likely sufferer of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who's very enthusiastic about everything. At the anniversary party, Ross and Rachel have to pretend to be married after Jack and Judy Geller inform them that they have told the rest of the Geller family that (Ross and Rachel) are married. Monica attempts to make her parents and everyone else at the party emotional and cry with her speech to them, but the speech in question turns out to be a total dud, so utterly riduculous that no-one, not even the starry-eyed Psrker can feel anything but bewilderment after hearing it. The following speech courtesy of Ross however, has the desired effect on Jack and Judy. The episode ends with Phoebe breaking up with Parker when she tires of his constant enthusiasm and inability to calm down-and Ross comforting Monica when she gets upset that her speech was a dud with yet another speech of his own which reduces her to tears of joy.