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The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss
Season 10, Episode 1
Air date 25 September 2003
Written by Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen
Directed by Kevin S. Bright
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Rachel and Joey decide to talk to Ross about their relationship, while Ross tries to talk to Joey about his relationship with Charlie. Ross confesses his relationship to Joey but Joey chickens out. Ross later walks in on Rachel and Joey kissing. Monica has her hair done in cornrows to get rid of her frizzy hair but Chandler absolutely hates it. Monica finally comes around to Chandler's way of thinking when she gets her hair caught on the shower curtain. Phoebe finds out that Mike has been seeing a woman named Precious (Anne Dudek) for the past few months and now needs to break up with her. Phoebe waits for Mike to return from his break-up but finds herself breaking-up for him when Precious shows up at Mike's apartment.