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Mike Hannigan
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Portrayer Paul Rudd
First seen The One With The Pediatrician
Last seen The Last One
Duration 2002-2004
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Family Theodore Hannigan (father)

Bitsy Hannigan (mother)

Michael "Mike" Hannigan (Paul Rudd) — In "The One with the Pediatrician" (Season 9, 2002), Joey and Phoebe decide to go on a double date, promising to fix each other up with blind dates. However, Joey forgets about Phoebe's date, and wanting to prevent her from discovering this when she enquires about the name of the man he has fixed her up with, he pretends that someone called "Mike" will be her date. He then enters the coffee shop and desperately yells "Mike!" Mike Hannigan replies and is roped into the date, which doesn't go well as Joey accidentally makes it clear that he doesn't know who Mike is and consequently upsets Phoebe, turning off his own blind date in the process. Mike feels sorry for Phoebe as he watches her leave and when he sees her in the coffee shop the next day, he speaks to her and explains that he allowed himself to be roped into the date "because I was told that I'd get a free dinner-which I didn't-and that I'd meet a pretty girl-which I did." A flattered Phoebe does not turn him down when he then suggests they go on a second date, which they do in "The One with the Sharks" (Season 9, 2002). In "The One with the Boob Job" (Season 9, 2003), he and Phoebe decide to move in together. Phoebe suggests that one day they could get married but he tells her that, after his messy divorce, he never wants to get married again, and they break up. Unable to be apart from each other, they reconcile in "The One with the Memorial Service" (Season 9, 2003). In "The One in Barbados, Part 1", he proposes to her at the same time as David. She turns both of them down but tells David that Mike is the man she wants to be with. In "The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss" (Season 10, 2003), Mike is dumped by Precious, the girl he has been seeing since breaking up with Phoebe. In "The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits" (Season 10, 2003), he proposes to her, and they are married by Joey in "The One with Phoebe's Wedding" (Season 10, 2004). In "The One with Princess Consuela" (Season 10, 2004), he changes his name to Crap Bag after Phoebe changes hers to Princess Consuela Bananahammock. He makes a brief appearance in "The Last One", bringing over a "Welcome to the World, Baby Bing" banner to Monica and Chandler's.