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Gina Tribbiani
Drea de matteo joey 03
Portrayer Drea De Matteo (Joey)
First seen The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister
Last seen Joey And The Wedding
Duration 1997


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Occupation Hairdresser (Season 1)

Secretary (Season 2)

Family Michael Tribbiani (son)

Joey Tribbiani (brother)

Drea de Matteo as Joey's attractive older sister Gina Tribbiani, who is temperamental and promiscuous. Not particularly bright but very street-wise, Gina is a caring but over-protective and domineering mother. For years she convinced her genius son Michael that he was born when she was 22 instead of 16 years old, and always says he is the one thing she has done really well. She and Joey are friends in addition to being siblings, both having the gift of being extremely appealing to the opposite sex, with numerous lovers. Initially working as hairdresser, by season two she works as a secretary for Joey's agent Bobbie, having impressed Bobbie with her brash manner. In season two she starts dating Michael's father Jimmy once again.