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Estelle Leonard
007 Friends secondary characters estelle
Portrayer June Gable
First seen The One With The Butt
Last seen The One Where Estelle Dies
Duration 1994-2004
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Occupation Agent
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Joey's talent agent. Gable made her first appearance as Estelle in "The One with the Butt",[e 55] but the scene was cut for timing reasons although it is included in the DVD version of season 1 (she is still mentioned after Joey's play in the original episode that aired). She makes her first proper appearance in "The One with Russ",[e 33] when, after Joey tells he is fed up of poor roles, she gets him a recurring part in Days of Our Lives. Despite being bemused when Joey idiotically spilled a drink on her after they first met, they seem to get along reasonably well. She is shown to be supportive of Joey's career in "The One with the Screamer"[e 56] but willfully sabotaged it in "The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance",[e 57] after she thought Joey had left her. She dies in "The One Where Estelle Dies".[e 23] Joey gives a speech at her memorial service, where it is revealed that her only other client is Al Zebooker, a man who eats paper. Joey apparantly can't remember his name, much to his apparant irritation, as when he calls Joey's apartment to inform him that Estelle had died, he has to refer to himself as "the guy who eats paper" in a weary tone of voice.

When Gable auditioned for the role, she played Estelle quite plainly and was encouraged to "go away and do something with her". She returned to the audition room wearing a "fat suit" and eating a sandwich from a delicatessen, which she stubbed out a cigarette on. The performance was used in the deleted scene of "The One with the Butt".[e 55] Her age is never given but Gable believed that she was in her 80s.[28] The Seattle Times ranked Estelle as the sixth best guest character of the series in 2004.[23] Gable also plays the nurse who delivers Ben in "The One with the Birth".