Chip Matthews (Dan Gauthier) - Chip was previously mentioned in "The One with the Prom Video", as Rachel's senior prom date. In this episode he was played by an unknown, uncredited actor and his face was not seen on screen. He fully appeared in the episode "The One with the Cat". Chip was the most popular guy in Ross, Rachel and Monica's high school, and briefly dated Rachel, until he abandoned her at their senior prom to have sex with Amy Welch. Monica and Chip meet again and Chip asked her out. Whilst Monica was delighted that her high school crush was taking her out, Rachel reacted somewhat coldly to Chip upon meeting him again, but allowed Monica to date him, as in high school she had always been saddened that Chip would never date her due to her obesity. After Monica asks Rachel 'Is it okay if I go out with Chip Matthews?' Rachel says 'No it's not okay! I can believe you would want to after what he did to me? To which Monica replies 'What that little thing at the prom?' Rachel replies 'Monica! I couldn't find him for two hours, he was having sex with Amy Welch' and on meeting Chip again, when he asks for Monica, she says 'So Chip, how's Amy Welch?' to which he replies 'Amy Welch? Wow, I haven't seen her since...' Monica's dream was soon shattered when she realized that Chip was an immature loser who had done nothing to better himself since high school and still lived with his parents. She found happiness in the fact that she was able to dump him afterward.